!Did you know Euroquartz are designers and manufacturers. Contact us for a list of our UK manufactured products.

Onsite Manufacturing

On Site Manufacturing

Unlike practically all other UK-based crystal suppliers, Euroquartz are designers and manufacturers, not merely dealers in imported products.
Our complete manufacturing service offers you:

  • UK based design engineers
  • On site production facilities
  • Quick delivery
  • Low cost
  • Stockholding of standard products
  • Quality assured production process - ISO 9001 certification

The main strength of the Euroquartz operation is provided by our manufacturing plant, sited in a purpose-built manufacturing unit of some 1,208 sq. metres. (13,000 sq. ft.) The Euroquartz factory incorporates research and development, engineering, production control, manufacturing processes and quality assurance departments.

Call us today to discuss your production requirements, tel: +44(0)1460 230000, email: info@euroquartz.co.uk or complete our simple contact form and one of our design engineers will be in touch.


Crystal Production

Crystal production takes place in two stages, optical and electrical:


Quartz crystal production begins with the selection of quartz crystal blanks of the appropriate thickness and cut orientation from a comprehensive library of quartz crystal blanks. Subsequent processes include lapping, polishing and contouring operations to produce quartz crystal blanks with precisely specified size, shape, orientation and surface finish to ensure the correct electrical properties of the finished products.


The optical stages of production are followed by electrical processes including etching and cleaning, vacuum deposition of gold or silver electrodes, mounting and bonding, adjustment to final frequency, encapsulation, marking and final quality assurance inspection.

Oscillator Production

Oscillator units are fabricated using both thick film hybrid substrates and printed circuit board techniques. Depending upon the application the oscillator crystal may be incorporated as an independently sealed unit or as an un-encapsulated crystal blank. In the latter case the blank is mounted directly onto the oscillator substrate and the completed assembly is adjusted to final frequency before hermetic sealing. Products produced by the Euroquartz oscillator department include standard CMOS/TTL oscillators, ECL/PECL output oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, and OCXOs, these latter components requiring a significant input by engineering and quality assurance departments.

Filter Production

Crystal filters consist of a number of discrete crystal or monolithic dual elements assembled on a printed circuit board with other passive components (inductors, transformers, capacitors etc.), the whole unit being hermetically sealed in a metal enclosure. The basic manufacturing steps for filter production are crystal units, printed circuit board assembly, filter alignment, encapsulation and final test. In addition to crystal filters Euroquartz also produce other custom filters; (e.g. LC filters,) for production of these parts many non-crystal components such as wound coils are produced in-house.

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