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The CXOU offers ultra-low current consumption from 1.75 to 3.9µA depending on frequency output with start-up voltages from 0.9 to 5.0V. Standard calibration tolerances are ±20, ±50 and ±100ppm with tighter bands available to special order if required. Typical start-up time is 200ms with rise/fall times of 30ns while ageing is ±2ppm for first year. Standard CMOS output load is 10pF with other loads available to special order. The new crystal oscillators are also capable of withstanding peak shock up to 5,000g (0.3ms ½ sine).

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Four frequencies from one oscillator

The Euroquartz QuikXO HC_JF range of high performance clock oscillators provides 4 frequencies switchable from one oscillator. There is a choie of outputs, LVCMOS, HCSL, CML, LVPECL or LVDS. Frequency range is 15MHz to 2100MHz. The part is supplied in a standard 7 x 5mm SMD package with 8 pads.

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High Frequency, Ultra-Low Jitter Oscillators 50MHz -2.1GHZ

Euroquartz have produced a new range of high frequency/Ultra-low jitter oscillators. There are two main model numbers in the range, EQJF and EQVJF. EQJF are clock oscillators while EQVJF models are of similar specification and are voltage controlled. The parts have outputs LVPECL, LVDS, CML Differential and HCSL with a frequency range of 50MHz to 2.1GHz.

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Quartz Crystals Optimized for WiFi Applications

Euroquartz produce a range of quartz crystals optimized for use in WiFi applications. These applications require a crystal-controlled oscillator providing a stable and quiescent reference clock.

The parts detailed here are quartz crystal units designed and manufactured to have close tolerances and low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), necessary for quick start-up, stable oscillators as required in all WiFi applications.

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New Low Profile MEMS Filter Range Plus Shortform Filters Catalogue

Euroquartz Launch Their New Low Profile MEMS Filter Range Plus A New Shortform Filters Catalogue. Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz has launched a new range of low profile MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) filter products offering major benefits of small size and very low profile making them ideal for use in embedded applications. The company has also published a new four page shortform catalogue covering its new MEMS filters and traditional RF filter ranges. Using the latest ...

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Automotive Industry Accreditation TS16949 Announced MEC

Mercury Electronics Europe has announced that the company’s quality management system has been certified to ISO/TS (Technical Specification) 16949 for the manufacture of quartz crystal products for the automotive industry. TS16949 accreditation offers a number of benefits, the most obvious being access to the automotive sector where more electronic devices are being included in vehicles as manufacturers look to improve vehicle safety with features such as automatic braking systems, in...

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New Low Profile Differential Output Oscillator Launched

Euroquartz Launches New Low Profile Differential Output Crystal Oscillator From Statek. Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz has launched a new low-profile, differential output crystal oscillator (DFXO) from Statek, designed for use in applications requiring low jitter and ultra-high frequency differential outputs in a small footprint. Available in frequencies from 20 to 300MHz (fundamental mode), the new DFXO is available in standard 6-pad 5 x 7mm surface mount packages measuring ju...

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