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Custom Build

Custom Build Service

Euroquartz specialises in the design and manufacture of custom frequency control products including quartz crystals, oscillators, resonators and electronic filters. Each product is designed and built to perform to your specifications for electrical characteristics, reliability and resistance to hostile environments.

Our custom build service offers you:

  • A complete design and build service by UK based engineers
  • Quick delivery
  • Low costs
  • CAD design facilities
  • Small one off to batch production volumes catered for
  • ISO 9001 quality assured production system
  • Over 30 years experience of working with high specification industries such as Military and aerospace
  • In house production facilities

Call us today to discuss your requirements, tel: +44(0)1460 230000 or email info@euroquartz.co.uk or complete our simple contact form and one of our design engineers will be in touch with you.


Custom Build Manufacturing

Euroquartz manufacture non standard frequency and specification components as a matter of course, our intention being to provide you with a flexible and responsive service, thereby ensuring that you do not have to make compromises in your product designs due to concerns over the availability of components. Euroquartz offer a reliable, speedy and low-cost manufacturing service for any frequency control product in any quantity, be it research and development samples to large-scale volume manufacture. Contact Euroquartz sales or engineering departments to discuss your requirements.

Applications Engineering

Euroquartz encourages design and development partnerships with customers. For new technology applications and major product updates, Euroquartz customers have the benefit and security of experienced designers and production engineers who know the frequency control product range assisting them. Assistance with design, production and logistic operations is always available for Euroquartz customers.

Special Product Expertise

In addition to manufacturing a comprehensive range of crystals, oscillators and filters, we have particular expertise in producing close tolerance crystals for radio communication applications, voltage-controlled oscillators for phase-locked-loop (PLL) applications and in the production of close tolerance oscillators for defence and related markets. Again, Euroquartz sales staff and engineers will be pleased to assist you with these products.

Production Facilities

Production facilities are completely 'in house' and include computer-aided design using Euroquartz Filters' own analysis and synthesis software, crystal manufacture, precision coil winding, assembly, component and environmental measurements and performance analysis using level-measurement sets.

Small Batch Production - 'One Offs' or Batch Production

Our filter production process is geared to the manufacture of single units or small batches. The majority of products are assembled by hand to ensure the maximum flexibility and to avoid expensive and time-consuming tooling setup.

Low Costs

Euroquartz Filters' CAD programmes enable compact passive circuits to be designed using standard components wherever practicable. Many non-standard components are manufactured in-house to exacting specifications. We prefer to use skilled manual assembly rather than expensive automatic procedures for custom filter production, ensuring that small batch quantities of custom-built circuits can be produced to the highest quality standards at the lowest possible cost.

Fast Delivery

As all Euroquartz Filters' circuits and the majority of specialised components are manufactured in-house, there are no time-consuming delays due to dependence upon outside suppliers. As a result we pride ourselves in delivering orders 'on time, every time'.

Quality Assurance

Product quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of the Euroquartz operation. To ensure these all-important facets of business are maintained in Euroquartz, the company operates a full ISO9001 quality system. Euroquartz is certified to ISO9001 (2000). Full records of manufacturing procedures and traceability are maintained. Regular auditing is carried out by the approval authority.

Specimen Designs

The filters detailed below are included as examples of parts designed by Euroquartz Filters to meet customer's special requirements. Whatever your filter application, Euroquartz Filters' offer a cost-effective means of producing a custom-built filter to match your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact our design engineers to discuss your requirements.

Crystal Filter 19.9750MHz - excellent group delay parameters
Crystal Filter 19.850MHz - miniature discrete filter in a small package
8 Pole Wide Band Crystal Filter - wide bandwidth, ±120kHz
150MHz to 175MHz High Frequency Crystal Filter -bandwidth ±7.5kHz
174.0MHz Crystal Filter - high frequency filter

Contact Euroquartz with your specification

If you have an application requiring a custom filter, contact us at Euroquartz Filters by phone, fax or email. Alternatively, you may send your outline specification to us by completing our simple contact form.