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  • Very high stability, from ±0.04ppm over 0 to +50°C
  • Frequency Range: 10MHz - 60MHz
  • Frequency Range: 10MHz - 60MHz
  • Output Signal: CMOS or Sine wave

Typical Applications


Frequency Range: 10.0MHz to 60.0MHz
Output Series ZT5050: CMOS, (5.0V supply) Series ZT5051: Sine Wave, (5.0V supply) Series ZT5052: CMOS, (3.3V supply) Series ZT5053: Sine Wave, (3.3V supply)
Input Voltage: ±3.3VDC±5% or +5.0VDC±5%
Input Current: 45mA max at 10.0MHz <30MHz: 20mA max
Frequency Control: >±5ppm 0 to 3.3V, positive slope
Ageing: ±1.0ppm/year