• Ultra-miniature SMD package 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.9mm
  • Stability 0.5ppm over -30° to +85°C
  • Supply Voltage from 0.6 Volts to 6.0 Volts
  • High stability TCXO, ideal for GPS and similar applications

Typical Applications


Product Series Code: XON-3200VHG
Frequency Range: 12.6MHz to 40.0MHz
Output Waveform: Clipped Sinewave
Initial Calibration Tolerance*: ±1.5ppm at 25°C with Vcon = ½ Vdd DC
Frequency Stability vs. Temperature Range: ±0.5 ppm over -30° to +85°C vs. Input Voltage Change: ±0.2 ppm max. VDD ±5% vs. Output Load Change: ±0.2 ppm max. at 10kΩ ±10% with 10pF ±10% vs. Ageing: ±1.0ppm max./year at 25°±3°C
Absolute Max. Ratings Supply Voltage: -0.6 Volts to +6.0 Volts Control Voltage (Vcon): -0.6 Volts to Vdd+0.5 Volts Storae Temperature: -40°C to +90°C
Operating Conditions Operating Temperature: -30° to +85°C (standard) Input Voltage (Vdd): Option 'F': +2.5 Volts ±5% Option 'H': +2.8 Volts ±5% Option 'J': +3.0 Volts ±5% Option 'K': +3.3 Volts ±5% Control Voltage (Vcon): ½ Vdd ±1VDC (Vdd = +2.5V, +2.8V, +3.0V or +3.3V)
Input Current: 2mA max.
Output Level: 0.8V p-p min. Load: 10kΩ//10pF Waveform: Clipped Sinewave (DC Coupled)
Frequency Adjustment Voltage Control: (at ½ Vdd±1V) ±9.0 to ±15ppm Frequency Slope: Positive
SSB Phase Noise: -130dBC/HZ at 1kHz offset
Harmonics: -5.0dBc max.
Start-up Time: 2ms max.
IR Reflow Resistance: ±2.5ppm max. after 2 x reflows (Vcon = ½Vdd DC at +25°±2°C)
Reflow Condition: +250°±10°C for 10 seconds
Standard Frequencies: 16.38, 16.369, 19.200, 24.5535, 26.000 and 27.456MHz