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  • Industry-standard 8 pin DIL package
  • Frequency range 625kHz to 50.0MHz
  • Supply Voltage 1.8, 2.5 or 3.3 VDC
  • Integrated Phase Jitter 1ps maximum

Typical Applications

  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL)
  • Audio/Video modulation
  • Game consoles & HDTV sets
  • ONET
  • Wireless repeaters


Frequency Change vs. Input Voltage: ±5ppm max. (VDD±5%)
Input Voltage: +1.8V±5%, +2.5V±5%, +3.3V±5% or 5.0V±10%
Output Load TTL: 2TTL gates CMOS: 15pF
Rise/Fall Time TTL: 6ns max, 4ns typ. (0.4V to 2.4V) CMOS: 6ns max, 4ns typ. (20%~80% Vdd)
Duty Cycle: 50±10% standard, 50±5% option
Integrated Phase Jitter: 1ps maximum (12kHz to 20MHz)
Period Jitter RMS: 2.0ps typical
Period Jitter Peak to Peak: 14ps
Start-up time: 10ms max., 3ms typical
Current Consumption: 10 to 45mA, frequency dependant (27MHz: 10mA typical at 3.3V, 20mA typical at 5.0VDC)
Linearity: 6% typical, 10% maximum
Modulation Bandwidth: 10kHz min., measured at Vcont = 1.65V or2.5V.
Input Impedance: 1MΩ typical
Slope Polarity: Monotonic and Positive, increasing control voltage increases output frequency.
Ageing: ±3ppm per year maximum
RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant and lead (Pb) free