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  • Very quick delivery
  • Industry-standard 8 pin DIL package
  • Ultra-low jitter at 1 million samples
  • Supply Voltage 2.7V, 3.3V or 5.0Volts
  • Enable/Disable or Power Down options

Typical Applications

  • Any application requiring an oscillator


Frequency Range: 1.000MHz ~ 133.0MHz
Frequency stability: from ±25ppm to ±100ppm
Operating Temperature Range: 0° ~ +70°C Part Code 'C' -20° ~ +70°C Part Code 'D' -40° ~ +85°C Part Code 'I'
Storage Temperature Range: -55° ~ +125°C
Ageing: ±5ppm per year max.
Packaging: Bulk packed or Tubed
Output Levels: CMOS or TTL
Maximum Output Loads: Below 40MHz: 30pF Above 40MHz: 15pF (See note opposite)
Duty Cycle: Below 40MHz: 45/55% min. Above 40MHz: 40/60% min
Rise/Fall Times: 4ns max
Supply Current: 25mA (unloaded)
Standby Current: 10µA typical, 50µA max.
Start-up Time: 10ms max
Power Down and Disable Delay Time Synchronous: T/2ns typical, T +10ns typical Asynchronous: 10ns typical, 15ns maximum (T - frequency period)
Output Enable Time: 100ns maximum
Period Jitter S 1MHz ~ 133MHz: 8ps typical, 99ps max
Period Jitter Peak to Peak <33.0MHz: 65ps ypical, 99ps max. 33MHz ~ 133MHz: 65ps typical, 80ps max