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  • Miniature 5.0 x 3.2 x 1.5mm SMD package
  • Frequency range: 9.6MHz to 30.0MHz
  • Available with either CMOS or clipped sinewave output
  • May be ordered as TCXO or Voltage-Controlled TCXO
  • Supply voltage 3.3 Volts

Typical Applications

  • The part has excellent phase noise and stable output over a wide operating temperature range


Product Code: EQ5032
Frequency Range: 9.6MHz to 30.0MHz
Frequency Stability vs. Temperature Range: ±2.0 or ±2.5ppm vs. Supply Voltage (±5%): ±0.3ppm maximum vs. Load Change (±5%): ±0.3ppm maximum vs. Ageing (at 25°C): ±1.0ppm maximum
Intitial Frequency Tolerance: ±1.5ppm maximum
Operating Temperature Range: -30° to +80°C
Storage Temperature Range: -40° to +90°C
Supply Voltage: +2.4V min., +3.6V max
Current Consumption CMOS: 6.0mA maximum Clipped Sinewave: 2.0mA maximum
Output Voltage Level CMOS: 80% Vdd minimum Clipped Sinewave: 0.8V p-p minimum
Output Load CMOS: 1kΩ//15pF Clipped Sinewave: 10kΩ//10pF
Dynamic Behaviour -20° to +80°C: ±0.30ppm/°C -30° to -20°C: ±1.0ppm/°C Start-up Time: 3.0ms max. to 90% Vdd
Duty Cycle: 60/40%
Harmonics: -9dBc maximum