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  • Low jitter <1.0ps phase jitter
  • Wide frequency Range 10.0MHz to 1500MHz
  • Low supply current <46mA (100MHz)
  • Very quick delivery leadtime
  • Supply voltage range 2.5V or 3.3Volts
  • Tristate function to conserve power

Typical Applications


Output Logic Type: LVPECL
Frequency Range: 10.0MHz to 1450MHz
Load: Differential
Power Supply Voltage: 2.5±5%VDC or +3.3±10%VDC
Output Voltage 'HIGH': VDD - 1.03V minimum VDD - 0.6V maximum
Output Voltage 'LOW': VDD - 1.85V minimum VDD - 1.6V maximum
Frequency Stability: ±50ppm over -40° to +85°C*
Duty Cycle: 50%±2%
Rise Time: 150ps minimum**
Fall Time: 250ps maximum**
Current Consumption @+2.5VDD
100.000MHz: 46mA 250.000MHz: 48mA 500.00MHz: 53mA 750.00MHz: 56mA 1GHz: 60mA 1.35GHz: 65mA
Current Consumption @+3.3VDD
100.000MHz: 48mA 250.000MHz: 50mA 500.00MHz: 55mA 750.00MHz: 59mA 1GHz: 62mA 1.35GHz: 68mA
Current with output disabled: 16mA typical
Start-up Time: 10ms maximum
Ageing: ±2ppm max., first year, ±10ppm max. over 10 years.
OE Control on Pad 1 Enable: 0.7% VDD min., or no connection Disable: 0.3%VDD max., (high impedance).
Output Enable Time: 200ns max.
Output Disable Time: 50ns max
Phase Jitter r.m.s.: 0.6ps typical (12kHz to 20MHz) <100fs (1.875MHz to 20MHz