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  • High temperature operation up to 200°C
  • High schock resistance
  • Hermetically sealed ceramic package

Typical Applications

  • Downhole instrumentation
  • Rotary shaft sensors
  • Underground boring tools


Calibration Tolerance1: ±100ppm or tighter as required
Operating Temperature Range: -55° to +200°C
Temperature Stability2: ±150ppm -55° to +150°C ±175ppm -55°C to +175°C ±200ppm -55° to +200°C
Ageing First Year: ±5ppm @25°C
Shock, Survival3: CX1HT: 1,000g, 1ms, ½ sine CX4HT: 5,000g, 0.3ms, ½ sine CX9HT: 5,000g, 0.3ms, ½ sine
Vibration, Survival3: 20g rms, 10~2000Hz