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  • Provides from 8dB to 15dB reduction in system EMI
  • ‘Drop-in’ replacement for standard clocks
  • Choice of modulation rate and spread
  • Miniature package: 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 1.4mm
  • N Group parts provide a low cost EMI reduction solution

Typical Applications


Model No: 3EQHM572 (Group ‘N’)
Frequency Range: 8.0MHz to 128.0MHz
Spread Types: Down or Centre spread
EMI Reduction: 8~15dB reduction typical. Fundamental and higher order harmonics.
Variation of EMI reduction across Temerature: 5% max. across -40° to +85°C w.r.t. room temperature
Modulation Carrier Frequency: 31.25kHz min, 62.50kHz max.
Frequency Stability*** Commercial (0~70°C): ±25ppm (Spec. code = ‘A’) ±50ppm (Spec. code = ‘B’) ±100ppm (Spec. code = ‘C’) Industrial (-40~+85°C): ±25ppm (Spec. code = ‘D’) ±50ppm (Spec. code = ‘E’) ±100ppm (Spec. code = ‘F’
Rise/Fall Times: 5ns max, (10% to 90% Vdd)
Start-up Time: 5ms typical, 10ms max.
Stabilisation (PLL Lock) Time: 2ms maximum.
Ageing: ±5ppm/year
Output Logic: CMOS Square Wave
Input Voltage: +3.3Volts DC±10%
Output Voltage HIGH ‘1’: 2.4V min., IOH = -4mA at Spread Spectrum output Output Voltage LOW ‘0’: 0.4V max., IOH = 4mA at Spread Spectrum output
Load: 15pF maximum
Current Consumption (no load) 12MHz: 28mA 24MHz: 33mA 32MHz: 41mA
Duty Cycle: 50%±10% (CL=15pF, 50%Vdd)
Output Impedance: 45 to 90Ω typical. Dependent upon output frequency spread type and spread magnitude
Packaging: EIA 16mm tape and reel, 1k per.
Pad 1 Function: No connection