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  • Frequency range from 10MHz to 20MHz
  • Operating temperature range, -20° to +70°C
  • Operable temperature -30° to +75°C
  • Supply Voltage 3.3 Volts

Typical Applications

  • Conforms to IEC60679-1, Stratum 3, providing a low-noise, highly-stable and reliable source of signals


9Mhz to 33Mhz
Standard Frequencies: 10, 12.8, 16.384, 19.44MHz
Frequency Stability Initial Tolerance: ±1ppm @25°C Vs. Temperature: ±2.5ppm -40°~+85°C ±1.5ppm -20°~+70°C -0.8ppm 0°~+50°C
Vs. Supply Voltage Var: ±0.2ppm
Vs. Load Change: ±0.2ppm
Long Term Ageing (1st Year): ±1ppm (@40°C)
Long Term Stab. (15 Years): ±4.6ppm
Frequency Adjustment Range Electronic Frequency Control ±5ppm
EFC Voltage Vc: 0.25~+4.5V (Option II = ‘50’ 0.30~+3.0V (Option II = ‘33)
EFC Slope: Positive
EFC Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
RF Output
Signal Waveform: HCMOS
Load: 15pF
Symmetry (Duty Cycle): 60%/40%
Start-up Time: 4 ms
Supply Voltage: +5.0V±5%/+3.3V±5%
Current Consumption: 25mA maximum (@25°C)
Operable Temperature Range: -40°~+85°C
Storage Temperature Range: -40°~+85°C