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  • Frequency Range 18kHz to 600kHz
  • High shock resistance
  • Low ageing
  • Designed for low power applications
  • Full MIL testing available

Typical Applications


Frequency Range: 18.0kHz to 600.0kHz
Functional Mode: Tuning Fork (Flexure)
Motional Resistance (R1): Max = 18~24.9kHz, 2x typical 25~600kHz, 2.5x typical
Quality Factor (Q): Min. is 0.25x typical
Shunt Capacitance (C0): 1.8pF max.
Drive Level 18~24.9kHz: 0.5µW max. 25~600.0kHz: 1.0µW max.
Temperature Coefficient (k): -0.035ppm/°C2
Ageing, first year: 5ppm max.
Shock, survival3: 1,500g peak, 0.3ms, ½ sine
Vibration, survival3: 10g rms, 20~2000Hz
Operating Temperature Range Commercial: -10° to +70°C Industrial: -40° to +85°C Military: -55 to +125°C
Storage Temperature Range: -55° to +125°C
Maximum Process Temperature: +260°C for 20 seconds